Lighted Signage

If your business has commercial lighted signage, Terry's American can help with repairs, bulb replacement and anything that involves getting electricity to your sign.  

Many businesses depend upon lighted signage to help customers and prospects easily identify their location, especially in urban areas, along freeways and anywhere the business wants to attract attention.  

When lighted signage doesn't work properly, the impact can actually translate to the bottom line due to reduced foot traffic and sales.  

Moreover, partially lit signs can end up communicating unintended messages, both visual and non-visual. When channel lit letters stop working they can spell offensive words. Non-visual messages can cause a customer to wonder whether the business is overlooking more important details. 
our electrical teams have the skills and the tools (including bucket truck) to help with signage wiring, connection, repair and maintenance. Whether your sign is up high on a pole, on a building or down low on a pediment, We can help you keep your brand in lights.

Lighted Signage services include:

  • Commercial Lighted Signage Prewiring
  • Lighted Signage Connection
  • Signage Lighting Repair
  • Lighted Signage Bulb Replacement
  • Lighted Signage Maintenance
  • Lighting for Pole Signs
  • Pylon Sign Lighting
  • Monument Sign Lighting
  • Masonry Sign Lighting
  • Brick and Mortar Sign Lighting
  • Lighted Wall Signs
  • Lighted Channel Letter Signs
  • Reverse Lit Channel Letters
  • Wall Wash Lighting
  • Lighted Wayfinding and Directional Sign

* Terry's American does not currently service or install Neon signs

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