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Residential Air Conditioning Repair

Few things can place you in more discomfort than having your air conditioning system break down in the hot, humid Oklahoma summer.  Terry's American is staffed with licensed professionals capable of repairing most air conditioners in the area. We typically begin a relationship with a phone conversation to determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

We start each encounter with a firm understanding of your needs and of how we work.
After thoroughly evaluating your air conditioning system, our technician will provide you with an upfront price for any needed repairs. But there’s no obligation for you to move forward with those immediately.
Whether you’re looking for immediate relief or want to take some time to decide about repair work, we are perfectly okay with either scenario. We leave it up to you to tell us how you would like to proceed.
If you decide to not have the repair work done immediately, you can call the office at any time to be placed on the schedule for the next available time slot. We’ll return to make the repair without charging an additional service fee.

While we can typically help in most situations, we have found some where we are not a good fit.
Window unit and RV air conditioners: We do not repair or service these types of systems.
Investment properties: For repairs on investment properties, our policy is to discuss pricing and repairs with the owner, not tenants, for the sake of efficiency. The owner must be on site for the first repair.
Pricing a repair over the phone: We do not price repairs over the phone. Without assessing the situation on site, we would merely be speculating and we don’t think that’s a fair use of your

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